The rise of fame-hungry Muslim Youtubers

Awesome, this is definitely a positive and constructive post. Gracefully fashioned too, inshaAllah they are guided and shown the truth of what is good for them and those that reach out to them. It is easy to forget ourselves when another motive comes knocking, whether it is provoked or intentional. As Muslims today, we are constantly under scrutiny by both Non-muslims and Muslims alike. It may seem like a great deal of pressure to get the fit just right, however this is what you must be prepared for if you place yourself in the public’s eye. Constantly question your intentions and ask yourself why you are doing what you do. If the reason ever becomes “for the people” in any shape or form… I think it is time to take a step back. Losing our Iman and purity of heart is not worth the fame and fortune of this world.

Omar Shahid

It is narrated that a group of dancing youth were passing by with alcohol in their hands and a spiritual master and his followers were present. The followers suggested to their spiritual master that he raise his hands to pray against them. So the spiritual master raised his hands and replied, “O Allah, the way these youth are happy in dunya, make them happy in the hereafter.”

Over the past few years, a huge market has emerged for Muslim Youtubers and entertainers. Fuelled by a new generation of young Muslims who are desperately seeking halal content in a world that seems to offer nothing of the sort, coupled with the dearth of Muslim role models in the public eye, young Muslims are flocking towards anyone online who possesses some creativity, humour, has a decent camera and looks well polished. It’s an exciting and interesting time, but also a time that is…

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